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Is committed to providing exceptional legal representation that takes into consideration the unique plight of its clients. Whether they are up against the experienced prosecutors of the State of Texas or the seasoned attorneys, clients come to our firm in an unequal position with the opposition. Hernandez & Baggett has proven to be the equalizing force for its clients.

By providing its clients with representation that is anchored in the knowledge, skill and integrity of its attorneys, Dallas lawyers Hernandez & Baggett has consistently achieved outstanding results for its clients.

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Eric Baggett

Shea Baggett

A seasoned litigator and former prosecutor who has amassed extensive trial litigation experience in the areas of personal injury and criminal defense.

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Rob Hernandez

Robert Hernandez

Specializing in the areas of criminal defense, including Dallas DWI attorney and personal injury representation, Robert Hernandez is a tenacious litigator ready to represent you.

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