Being accused of assault family violence is a horrible thing and can carry severe consequences. Even if the complaining party wishes to drop the charges, he or she may not be able do so.

On many occasions, the complaining party may have called police in order to get the other person into trouble, to get away, or even just to scare them, and in a lot of instances does so with the intention of “dropping the charges” later. However, it does not work like that, because the charges belong to the state of Texas and were never the complaining party’s to “drop” in the first instance.

Furthermore, state prosecutors expect the complaining witness to ask to drop the charges and/or fail to co-operate in the prosecution. The attorneys at Hernandez & Baggett, Dallas assault family violence attorneys, know this only too well, having both been prosecutors in assault family violence cases.

The state will often prosecute and go to trial when there are no photographs, bruises, or medical records, and the witnesses fail to co-operate. That is why you need an expert Dallas assault family violence lawyer to defend you.

Assault family violence cases are by no means straightforward and they need expert handling. There are some severe penalties in the case of assault family violence, and in some instances they can mean the end of a career. Firefighters, security guards, and professionals who require licenses, can lose their jobs.

Even if you complete a deferred adjudication and there is no conviction, the simple finding of an Affirmative Finding of Family Violence is often regarded in a similar fashion as a conviction by federal law and can be used to enhance future charges of family violence. It can also deprive you of the right to own a gun, under both state and federal laws, either on a temporary basis or permanently.

As you can see, you need an expert Dallas assault family violence lawyer who can guide you through this minefield.

Hernandez & Baggett, Dallas assault family violence attorneys, have handled thousands of assault family violence cases on behalf of those accused in such cases and are completely familiar with every aspect of the law.

In many cases, we will also get in touch with and endeavor to interview the complaining witness in order to get a full understanding of events as the witness sees it. We take every step possible, and leave no stone unturned in order to seek a satisfactory conclusion for every client accused in an assault family violence case.

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