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If you have had any sort of accident that involved a motorbike or a cyclist and it was not your fault you may very well be entitled to compensation, whether you were the rider or not. A Dallas bike accident lawyer will be able to advise you.

It is a fact that bike riders and cyclists can get very seriously injured in road traffic accidents which are not their fault, because they have nothing to protect them other than a crash helmet. This may go some way towards protecting the head, but leaves the rest of the body extremely vulnerable to injury. Indeed, latest figures show that a bike rider in Texas is five times more likely to be injured in an accident than is the occupant of a car.

The one thing that you can be certain about is that the insurance company of the other party that caused the accident does not care about you. Equally, they do not care about their insured. There is only one thing that they care about, and that is their profit at the end of the year. To be fair, the purpose of any business is to make a profit, but making a profit at YOUR expense is what drives insurance companies. They will pay out as little as possible.

So why should you hire a Dallas bike accident lawyer? Why not tackle them yourself?

The answer to that question comes from the insurance companies themselves. The Insurance Resource Council, which is a non-profit organization, supported by the insurance companies, says that injury victims get 3½ times more compensation when represented by a specialist lawyer than they do if they try to argue their case themselves. That figure is after the attorney’s fees.

When you hire us to take care of your compensation claim for a bike accident in Dallas, we charge you absolutely no fees unless, or until, we win your claim. Our fees come out of your settlement figure from the insurance company. At no time do you ever pay us a penny out of your own pocket.

You can set up your free initial consultation by clicking on the Contact Us link above, or you can call us at 214-800-2875. If your injuries prevent you from visiting our offices, that’s no problem, as our Dallas bike accident lawyer will visit you, wherever you happen to be. Call us now, and let’s get started on the road to getting the compensation that the law says you are entitled to.

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