I’m Hurt But I Can’t Afford To Get Treated!

I often have clients who have been injured in an accident but have a financial inability to seek medical treatment. Often times they will come to me several months after the accident and they have been unable to seek treatment because they do not have medical insurance, or they simply can’t afford to pay their co pay. This is quite an unfortunate situation because failing to seek treatment makes it difficult to attribute pain and suffering to a particular accident. It is difficult to make the argument that someone was injured and suffered due to an accident but never needed to get treated for it.

After your car accident please seek the necessary treatment required. In some cases my law office works with physicians in the area to find ways to help people get the treatment they need but delay the payments until after the case is completed. Do not let your financial situation, or the lack of medical insurance get in the way of you seeking the treatment you need for an injury that is due to another person’s negligence.

Remember to keep track of how this accident has affected your daily life. Even a minor accident can leave a person dealing with daily pains that affect the quality of life. Having a daily log about how your head or back hurts, or how it is difficult to do normal daily activities will help you remember the reality of your pain at a later time.

Do not seek unnecessary treatments but don’t forgo treatments that you need!