Premises liability law is extremely complex, and unless you have a full understanding of the law, you can easily fall victim to a loss adjuster who acts for the premises owner’s insurance company. Bear in mind that the reason why insurance companies hire loss adjusters is not to ensure that you get a fair settlement, but to reduce the amount they have to pay to a minimum. The adjuster gets paid by the insurance company – not by you.

If you suffer an injury because of the negligence or other actions of a property owner, you need to use the services of a Dallas premises liability lawyer who understands all of the complex issues that can be involved.

If you have a slip, fall, or other injury on someone else’s property, you have to prove four things. You have to show that the property owner owed you a duty of care, that the duty was breached, that there was “proximate cause” (this means that the danger was caused by negligence and that you were not acting unreasonably or ignoring any warning signs), and that you suffered damage as a result.

Damage caused by slip and fall, or trip and fall, or other causes, can range from minor to wrongful death.

Whatever has happened, you need a Dallas premises injury lawyer who understands all the intricate detail to fight the case on your behalf.

We have been successfully fighting premises liability cases for our clients for many years, and we know and understand all of the tricks that insurance companies’ loss adjusters will get up to in order to make any payment as small as possible.

The law says that you are entitled to the maximum permitted as compensation for the injuries you have sustained, and you can trust us to ensure that you get it. We charge you no fees whatsoever, unless we make a successful claim on your behalf, and even then our fee will come from your settlement amount, so you never pay us a penny from your own pocket.

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