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Property crimes come under a variety of different headings, but all relate to the theft of property, or vandalism or destruction of a property. Property, in this case, means anything belonging to someone else.

At the low end of the scale, property crimes can be something like shoplifting or putting graffiti on a wall, while at the other end they can cover such things as arson and armed robbery. Some Dallas property crimes are classed as taking away something belonging to someone else, while others do not. For instance, burglary does not have to result in the removal of property to be a crime: merely breaking into premises with the intent to steal is a crime.

Some crimes, such as robbery, require the victim to be present at the time of the offence. For example, stealing a wallet or a mobile phone from the person is classed as robbery. However, so is armed robbery, such as holding up a bank teller with a gun and demanding money, which would be classed as much more serious.

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Whatever the case, if you have been accused of, or charged with a property crime, you need the services of a specialist Dallas property crimes lawyer. If you are not to be found guilty of a crime and fined or jailed, then you must have expert help. Even if you did commit the crime, you still need someone on your side who can argue the case for you in order to ensure that you receive the minimum sentence possible.

As a Dallas property crimes lawyer, we will fight the case on your behalf. Contact us now at 214-800-2875, or simply click on the Contact Us link above, and let us help to ensure that your case is dismissed, or that you receive the lowest possible sentence.

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