Hernandez & Baggett is committed to providing exceptional legal representation that takes into consideration the unique plight of its clients. Whether they are up against the experienced prosecutors of the State of Texas or the seasoned attorneys of a large corporation or insurance company, prospective clients come to our firm in an unequal position with the opposition. Hernandez & Baggett has proven to be the equalizing force for its clients.

By providing its clients with representation that is anchored in the knowledge, skill and integrity of its attorneys, Hernandez & Baggett has consistently achieved outstanding results for its clients. Whether it is a car accident or a multi-million dollar injury case, a first degree felony or a misdemeanor DWI, Hernandez and Baggett’s approach is the same.

Hernandez & Baggett employs a unique team approach to each case, whether a criminal defense case or a personal injury matter, which allows both attorneys in the firm to be involved and provides a more detailed representation to the client.

The key to success in every case is having an attorney who has the knowledge and skill to properly prepare and try the case. While some cases need to be tried, others do not. However, only by being prepared for a possible trial can a client maximize their result - be it through a trial, a settlement, or a plea agreement.

The attorneys at Hernandez & Baggett are nationally recognized, award-winning trial attorneys who will aggressively fight for their clients.