Robert told me the challenges that were ahead of me and since am Truck driver (CDL) my job depends on my driving license I was in a tight situation since my blood analysis was at 0.17. My license was to be suspended and immediately Robert asked for a hearing with DPS and we won. My license wasn't suspended. We embarked on the main case and Robert and Baggett did a great job. My case was heard by jury in April 17&18 2017 and I couldn't believe my ears when the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty.

“I hired H&B to handle a case for me and when the attorneys told me that they saw a possibility for us to have the judge throw the case out I told them that I trusted them and would do what they suggest. At the hearing, the Judge agreed and the case was dismissed.”

“The way they handled my case and actually listened to me without trying to shove things down my throat really helped me get through it all. I really appreciated that.”

“They did what they said they were going to do even though I had doubts. They kept me positive through the whole process. They definitely know their field. I’ve been recommending them any chance I can.”

“Very charismatic and attentive. They absorb everything the client says and really take it to heart and give nothing but 150% at all times.”